Financial Planning

Any good builder starts with a plan.

Before undertaking a large project, especially one that could earn a lot of money in the long-term, it's common (if not necessary) to start with a plan. For example, building a home or starting a business requires extensive preparation; statistics show that the majority of companies founded without a business plan fail within the first few years of business. As you can see, planning really pays off. However, when it comes to personal financial planning, many of us are willing to take the risk. Why?

Financial Planning Sets a Blueprint for The Future

As Potter Financial, we don't guarantee financial success. The process of acquiring wealth involves many factors that are beyond our control. However, our financial planners will help you take advantage of opportunities to generate more wealth. During our free consultation, we take a full assessment of your financial standing. Then, we suggest specific accounts, investments, and strategies based on your goals. By the end of that very first meeting, you'll know the best next steps to take towards a more comfortable future.


A plan without a goal is a map; it can tell you where everything is, but it won't tell you where you should go. If you don't already have a goal in mind, we can help you set one. Goals are typically either short-term (less than five years) or long-term (over five years). We recommend alternative methods of savings for short-term goals, but managed investments with Potter Financial offer a great financial method to achieve your long-term goals. Examples of long-term goals include:

  • Saving for retirement
  • Saving for child's college expenses
  • Leaving an inheritance for children/grandchildren
  • First home purchase

If you change your goals, you always have the option to open a new account. This allows you to aim for both goals at the same time, without interfering with the progress of either. If each person in your family has different needs, we can suggest personalized strategies for each person.


Our financial strategy takes into consideration your current income, other assets, risk tolerance, current tax bracket, assumed tax bracket at the time of retirement, and more. Depending on any combination of factors, we suggest the best account and investment strategy for you. Because we offer managed accounts, you may be able to tolerate more risk than you would if you were to manage your own funds. Furthermore, Our portfolio selection includes a wide array of mutual funds; this allows you to quickly enter the market and start seeing results, even without any investment or market knowledge.

If you prefer to manage your own portfolio directly, our financial planners will make sure you know how to do so wisely. Keep your strategy in mind, and don't make a rash, emotional decision. If your direct account is with Potter Financial and you need any advice or assistance, our financial planners are only a call away.


By taking into account both your goal and your strategy, we'll know which account is best for you. The investment account we select also depends on your particular circumstance. Our account offerings include:

  • Traditional IRAs
  • Roth IRAs
  • Direct accounts
  • Managed accounts
  • 529 Education Savings Accounts

We also provide 401K rollovers, IRA rollovers, and backdoor IRAs. Additionally, we support Simple IRAs, SEP IRAs, and more. Regardless of your employment or retirement accounts, Potter Financial offers personalized account management.

Prepare for Tax Time

Tax preparation services aren't the only way to get your finances in order during the tax season. With over 17 years in the financial services industry, Potter Financial understands that tax planning is an integral part of any decent financial plan. That's why we design our planning and investment strategies to be tax efficient; allowing you to make the most out of the money you have, keep the most of the money you gain, and possibly even profit off of some of what you lost. To make sure our plans are actually carried out, Potter Financial can also connect you with professional tax preparers who are familiar with investment taxes.

Call Today for a Free Consultation

Call Potter Financial today to schedule your free consultation. You can reach us by calling (713) 972-1316. We'll also let you know how we can help you execute a great financial plan by taking advantage of our account management services and portfolio options. You'll leave the first meeting with the first steps you can take to securing a financially healthy future. When you're ready to take the next steps with Potter Financial, we'll be here to help.